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Still Learning 2

30 Oct

Well, I now have a Twitter account, thought there seem to be problems with the site and I was not able to explore it fully.  What was a little scarey was the comment that Twitter can tailor what I follow based on the recent web sites I’ve visited.  Shades of Orwell’s 1984.

I did also sign up on Classroom 2.0 and TLNing and have already found something I’m going to try in the library, assigning students to take care of a shelf.  “Common Craft” is also an informative site; I understand RSS after watching a short video they produced.  Too bad it’s not free.


Still Learning

23 Oct

Blogging is something I’ve never done because it doesn’t appeal to me.  I feel I spend enough time in front of a computer and honestly don’t understand how people have the time to write or follow blogs.  But then this is a learning process…

Let me stay open minded!