PS about Audioboo

23 Feb

PS about Audioboo.


Thing 7 Audioboo

23 Feb

Thing 6 – Curation Tools

22 Feb

This has been an informative section.  I liked exploring Learnist more than Mentormob.  For me, the Learnist layout allowed for quicker exploring.  Scoop.It! led to the School Librarians Teacher Librarains link which in turn led to Inklewriter.  I’m very intrigued by this program and plan to see if my sixth grade teachers are interested in using this with their students. I wish there were more examples of how the program could be used with math & science.

Given all the information available on-line the curative tools would save time, sort of.  I find that one interesting site leads to another interesting site and before I know it hours have passed!

I’d like to mention another web-based bookmarking site and that is  It’s free, requires a sign-in, can be organized, and you can add quick links. I started using it years ago; at that time it seemed better setup than delicious.

Playing Catchup

28 Jan

Well, due to various technical issues plus being out of town, I’m a little behind on my blogging and will be playing catchup.

I loved the digital section and am adding links to 2 Animoto videos I created for the RCSD School Expo event.   – The School 30 Cougars Basketball Team                                           and    – Sweet & Spicy Specials at School 30


The hardest part in using the program was narrowing down the pictures to be included. It’s generous of the company to provide educator accounts. People are so impressed with the final video; if they only knew how easy it is.  Some do; I have shared information about the site.

electronic overload?

19 Nov

Is anyone else experiencing electronic overload with all the RSSs, blogs, Netvibes, Pinterest, websites and apps. etc out there? Polly, can you easily keep track of all your internet connections?  Maybe time management is my problem.  I’m looking forward to having 2 teenage cousins, digital natives, here for Thanksgiving.  I’m going to ask for some demonstrations.

So,  have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   If you haven’t seen this  –  enjoy

Turkey laugh

Still Learning 2

30 Oct

Well, I now have a Twitter account, thought there seem to be problems with the site and I was not able to explore it fully.  What was a little scarey was the comment that Twitter can tailor what I follow based on the recent web sites I’ve visited.  Shades of Orwell’s 1984.

I did also sign up on Classroom 2.0 and TLNing and have already found something I’m going to try in the library, assigning students to take care of a shelf.  “Common Craft” is also an informative site; I understand RSS after watching a short video they produced.  Too bad it’s not free.

Still Learning

23 Oct

Blogging is something I’ve never done because it doesn’t appeal to me.  I feel I spend enough time in front of a computer and honestly don’t understand how people have the time to write or follow blogs.  But then this is a learning process…

Let me stay open minded!